Module Sesame.Image

type t

The type of images

val resize : float -> t -> t

Resizing images based on scaling the width to fit the argument and the height using the same scale factor

val from_file : Fpath.t -> t

from_file path loads the image from path

val to_file : ?⁠quality:int -> t -> Fpath.t -> unit

to_file t path will put the image t in a file at path -- the quality option is used for jpeg images and default to 60

val mono : t -> t

Transform an image t to a black and white image

type dither = [
| `FS

Dithering algorithms:

  • FS: Floyd-Steinberg
type color = [
| `Normal
| `Mono
val dither : ?⁠mode:dither -> ?⁠color:color -> ?⁠levels:int -> t -> t

dither ~mode ~color t will dither an image using the algorithm specified by mode using the colors specified by color

module Transform : sig ... end
val encode : t -> string
val decode : string -> t