Module Sesame.Path

Path Mangling Utilities

val change_filename : ?⁠keep_path:bool -> Fpath.t -> (string -> string) -> Fpath.t

change_file path rename changes the filename of path. The optional keep_path tells the function whether or not to keep the rest of the filepath or just return the modified filename

val drop_top_dir : Fpath.t -> Fpath.t

drop_top_dir path removes the top directory from path, if there is none it just returns the path back to you

val join_relative : ?⁠drop:bool -> Fpath.t -> Fpath.t -> Fpath.t

join_relative root rel will join the base of root to rel. For example if I have a/b/c/ and ../images/hello.jpg then joining them produced a/b/c/../images/hello.jpg